How easy is "Easy Piano"?

Actually, for many pianos students, not very "easy" at all.

In the commercial sheet music market, an "Easy Piano" designation requires an early to late-elementary level of skill (Levels 1-4 RCM) and, as us piano teachers know, the early grades of the RCM repertoire books are not very accessible to beginners. Hence, the need for all the various method books series on the market. 

Here, at a PianoTogether!Junior Music Ensembles, we offer sheet music that is easier than "Easy Piano". We call our musical offerings "Primary Piano"; and this is music at the same level of difficulty as the method books and the preparatory repertoire of the RCM. We've further divided "Primary Music" into three skills levels: Beginner, Primary A, Primary B, and Primary C. We also offer a few ensembles at the Pre-Elementary, Early-Elementary and Late Elementary Levels. (For further explanation of all these levels, visit our Shop page.)

Our sincere hope is that this grading helps you select the right music for the right student.

Furthermore, we love to receive feedback on our grading system. If you purchase something from us and disagree about it's assigned level, please let us know, and we will carefully consider your professional input!

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